what jobs can you get with a ccna

what jobs can you get with a ccna

Jobs You Can Get With A CCNA Certification

Are you curious about the kinds of jobs you can get with a CCNA certification? You are not alone! Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the go-to certification for IT professionals, and it is highly valued in the industry. Here is the comprehensive list of jobs you can get with this certification:

Network Systems Engineer/Administrator

Network systems engineers maintain and configure computer networks for various clients. Their core responsibility is to troubleshoot network problems and protect networks from intruders and hackers. Additionally, they design and set up LAN, WAN, and wireless networks, as well as setup and maintain database systems.

Network Architect

Network architects design, implement, and maintain data communication systems for businesses and organizations. They are also responsible for training employees on how to use the network, testing network performance and security controls, and providing user and technical support.

Network Security Technician

Network security technicians are responsible for installing and maintaining computer systems and networks to protect them from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and virus and malware threats. They must monitor networks and systems for threats, install and configure security software, and maintain networks and firewalls.

Network Manager/Server Administrator

Network managers/server administrators oversee a network’s performance and troubleshoot technical issues. They maintain the server and network configurations; design, configure, test, and deploy hardware, software, and systems; and manage hardware and software inventory and acquisition.

Network Support Engineer

Network support engineers provide technical support and troubleshoot hardware and software issues related to LAN, WAN, wireless networks, and other IT networks. They also test and implement new network configurations and troubleshoot interoperability issues.

Cloud Engineer/Systems Administrator

Cloud engineers/systems administrators are responsible for designing, deploying and managing cloud infrastructure for various client organizations. They design, configure and manage cloud-based services, ensure network and system security, and troubleshoot network and system issues.

With a CCNA certification, you can land a wide array of high-profile job roles in the IT industry. All of these job roles come with attractive salaries and competitive benefits packages, so pursuing a CCNA certification is definitely worth it!


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