what jobs can you get with a cda certification

what jobs can you get with a cda certification

What Jobs Can You Get With a CDA Certification?

The Child Development Associate (CDA) credential is a nationally recognized certificate in early childhood education. It is awarded to knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the development and care of young children. If you are considering going down the childcare education route, becoming CDA certified may be for you.

What Does A CDA Certification Entail?

A CDA certification involves completing an accredited CDA program, typically through a local community college or private organization. The duration of the certificate course includes at least 120 hours of study and field training. Candidates must complete a training module along with two written assessments, one which is the “Professional Summary”.

What Are Common Jobs That Require a CDA Certification?

Having CDA certification opens up a world of job opportunities for prospective candidates. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Childcare Provider – This role involves providing professional care and education for young children in an educational or private setting.
  • Daycare Teacher – Working in a daycare, you will be responsible for providing care and instruction to the children in your charge.
  • Preschool Teacher – These professionals are entrusted with the task of educating and caring for toddlers and young children, preparing them for elementary school.
  • Babysitter/Nanny – These professionals provide in-home childcare on a part or full-time basis to families with children.
  • Youth Activity Coordinator – Coordinators of youth activities are responsible for organizing, planning, and leading activities for young people.

What Are The Benefits of Holding CDA Certification?

Holding the CDA credential is an important and valuable accomplishment and provides many potential benefits to the holder. Here are just a few of the main ones:

  • Being CDA certified may help you stand out in the job market as a qualified and certified professional.
  • It can help you to advance in your career and open up new opportunities for professional growth.
  • Having the CDA credential may also grant you access to higher paying jobs within the childcare industry.
  • It may help to give you additional credibility and demonstrate your commitment to your profession.

A CDA certification is an ideal credential for prospective childcare providers, as it demonstrates your knowledge and commitment to the field. With the right qualifications and dedication, you can find a host of job opportunities that may be perfect for you and your career goals.


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