what jobs can you get with a cdl license

what jobs can you get with a cdl license

What Jobs Can You Get with a CDL License?

A Commercial Driver License, commonly referred to as a CDL, is a type of driver’s license issued by individual states in the United States in order to allow an individual to drive a commercial motor vehicle or combination of vehicles. Because of the complexity of these large vehicles, a CDL license is required to safely and legally operate them.

Types of Jobs

Having a CDL license opens up a variety of job opportunities, including:

  • Truck Driver
  • Shuttle Bus Driver
  • Tour Bus Driver
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Transport Driver
  • Limousine Driver
  • Delivery Driver
  • Hauler
  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Communication and Customer Service Skills

Regardless of the job, CDL license-holders will need to interact and communicate with their customers, coworkers, and clients. It is important to have excellent customer service skills and communication abilities. This will allow CDL license-holders to interact with their customers in an efficient, friendly, and professional manner.

Training and Licensing Requirements

In addition to having good communication and customer service skills, CDL license-holders must meet all licensing and training requirements in their state. For example, in the United States, all CDL license-holders must pass a series of written and practical tests in order to obtain their license. In addition, all CDL license-holders must also complete additional training, such as drug and alcohol awareness classes and defensive driving courses.

Overall, having a CDL license offers a variety of job opportunities. With the right training and licensing requirements, CDL license-holders can work in a safe and secure environment, while providing excellent customer service.


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