what jobs can you get with a pharmacy technician certification

what jobs can you get with a pharmacy technician certification

What Jobs Can You Get With a Pharmacy Technician Certification?

A pharmacy technician certification can open up a world of career opportunities. Employers in the retail and hospital settings are increasingly looking for certified pharmacy technicians to help manage the day-to-day operations of their pharmacies. With the right certification, a pharmacy technician can find a rewarding and lasting career.

Work in Retail Pharmacies

The most popular job option for certified pharmacy technicians is in the retail setting. Pharmacy technicians working in retail can expect to perform the following duties:

  • Filling prescription orders: Certificate holders will be responsible for filling prescriptions with extreme accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Counseling customers: With their knowledge, certified pharmacy technicians can talk to customers and answer questions about their medications accurately and thoroughly.
  • Entering patient and insurance information: Certified pharmacy technicians will also be responsible for accurately entering patient and insurance information.

Additionally, retail pharmacy technicians can also be responsible for stocking shelves, moving heavy boxes, receiving incoming shipments, and assisting with administrative tasks such as filing, ordering, and handling returns.

Work in Hospitals

Certified pharmacy technicians can also find a number of excellent career opportunities in hospital pharmacies. Experienced technicians may be responsible for the following duties:

  • Preparing and dispensing medications: Hospital pharmacy technicians work closely with pharmacists to fill prescriptions and dispense medications in accordance with hospital protocol.
  • Maintaining records: Hospital pharmacy technicians must ensure all medication records are accurately maintained and up-to-date.
  • Managing inventory: Technicians must help track and maintain the availability of medications in order to meet the needs of their patient population.

In addition, certified pharmacy technicians may also be expected to provide support with ordering and maintaining inventory, performing audits, and monitoring patient compliance with prescription medications.


Certified pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to find a wide variety of rewarding careers in both retail and hospital settings. With the right certification, a pharmacy technician can build a successful career in the field of pharmacy.


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