what jobs can you get with a private pilot license

what jobs can you get with a private pilot license

Jobs for private pilot license holders

Are you wondering what kind of jobs are available to people with a Private Pilot License? Read on to find out!

Commercial Pilot

Being a commercial pilot is one of the most commonly known aspects of having a Private Pilot License. For commercial pilots, they can operate various types of aircrafts and transport people and cargo across short distances. Common duties include:

  • Complying with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and regulations
  • Checking flight plans and weather conditions
  • Performing preflight checks
  • Managing aircrafts during flight
  • Controlling speed and altitude
  • Monitoring navigation and communication systems

Flight Instructor

Besides being a commercial pilot, another job flight instructors can do is to help teach new pilots the skills and knowledge needed for them to earn their own license. As Flight Instructors, they need to be knowledgeable about aircrafts and flight regulations. Duties include:

  • Educating students on aircrafts, operations, and safety regulations
  • Overseeing the progress of students by evaluating their performance in flight
  • Developing individualized instruction plans
  • Teaching students maneuvering techniques
  • Teaching navigation techniques
  • Teaching how to read aviation charts

Air Tour Pilot

This job requires a little more experience than the other two, since Air Tour Pilots usually fly people to different places, such as sight-seeing tours or commercial flights. They understand aircraft systems and know how to fly in various weather conditions. Related duties include:

  • Providing passengers with a safe environment during flights
  • Briefing passengers about safety procedures
  • Ensuring aircraft is in airworthy condition before each flight
  • Navigating aircraft to the desired destination
  • Ensuring aircraft is properly filled with fuel

Having a Private Pilot License can open up many different career paths for people, from commercial pilots to air tour pilots. As long as you have knowledge and understanding of the industry, you’ll be able to pursue the job of your dreams!


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