what jobs can you get with an automotive technology degree

what jobs can you get with an automotive technology degree

What jobs can you get with an automotive technology degree?

An automotive technology degree can open the door to a wide variety of job opportunities, providing graduates with the opportunity to specialize in a particular field within automotive engineering. With a degree in automotive technology, experienced professionals can find a variety of career paths, from high-level engineering roles to technical car repair jobs.

Examples of careers include:

  • Automotive Engineering – Professionals with a degree in automotive technology are well equipped to take on complex engineering tasks. This can include developing new vehicle technologies, technical analyses of production systems, or process improvement within assembly plants.
  • Automotive Technician – A degree in automotive technology is essential for automotive technicians. Technicians provide services such as routine maintenance, diagnostic testing, and minor repairs to a variety of vehicles.
  • Auto Body Technician – Auto body technicians specialize in the repair and maintenance of the body of the vehicle. They can provide collision repair services, refinishing, and fiberglass repair, as well as inspect and diagnose problems.
  • Automotive Mechanic – Automotive mechanics are responsible for correctly diagnosing and repairing mechanical problems. These professionals inspect engine components, adjust or replaced worn parts, and perform vehicle emissions tests.
  • Sales Manager, Automotive – Automotive sales managers are responsible for handling sales of vehicles. They must be knowledgeable about all types of vehicles and their features, and also be able to manage customer relationships.

In addition to these specific roles, a degree in automotive technology can also prepare graduates for additional automotive-related careers, such as auto-parts sales, teaching and training in automotive technology, or even creating and marketing automotive products and services.

To sum up, an automotive technology degree provides graduates with an array of exciting and rewarding career paths to choose from. With the right skills and experience, graduates can take on a variety of roles, from working on the technical side of engineering to conducting vehicle maintenance and sales.


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