what jobs can you get with an mba in marketing

what jobs can you get with an mba in marketing

What Jobs Can You Get With an MBA in Marketing?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in marketing provides students a competitive edge to break into the competitive marketing field. An MBA in marketing enables individuals to enter a wide range of managerial and executive roles, making it one of the most versatile MBA degrees.

Marketing Roles

Marketing MBA graduates have the ability to climb the corporate ladder and move into higher-level roles in a short amount of time. Here are some of the common roles that someone with an MBA in marketing could hold:

  • Marketing Manager: This job involves overseeing branding, communications, and public relations of a company. You need to be able to build and evaluate campaigns, assess consumer behaviour and effectively communicate the message of the company.
  • Advertising Manager: This job involves organizing advertising campaigns and creating innovative strategies to reach target audiences. People in these roles need strong delegation, analytical, and planning skills.
  • Market Research Analyst: People in these roles are responsible for data crunching and analyzing market trends. They must have organized and accurate data interpretation skills, since they recommend market strategies based their assessments.
  • Product Manager: This role requires a candidate to have strong analysis, collaboration and negotiation skills, since they are responsible for the life cycle of a product and the profit and market share growth associated with it.
  • Brand Manager: A person who holds this job need to have meticulous and creative marketing skills. They manage a brand or product’s reputation, design and implement creative brand campaigns, monitor market trends and come up with tactics to improve a brand’s market share.

Apart from the roles above, MBA in marketing graduates may also move into a position of a consultant, digital marketing manager or a director in a corporation. Regardless, an MBA in marketing equips students with sufficient skills to enter the highly competitive environment of the marketing world.


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