what jobs can you get with security +

what jobs can you get with security +

What Jobs Can You Get with Security +

Security+ is a certification provided by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) which provide a benchmark knowledge standard for individuals seeking to get jobs in the security and cybersecurity industry. Successful completion of the Security+ certification shows employers that you have attained a base level of knowledge and skills in system security, network security, cryptography and organizational security.

Advantages of an Security+ Certification

Having Security+ certification can open the doors to many different positions in the IT industry. With a Security+ certification, you can:

  • Apply for Intermediate Level Jobs: Having a Security+ certification indicates to employers that you possess foundational knowledge in security and are more suited for a more advanced security-related technical roles as compared to entry-level roles.
  • Gain Respect and Recognition in the IT industry: Security+ certification is widely recognized in the industry, and having it proves to employers that you have taken the time, put in the effort, and are entirely capable to perform the duties of a security-focused job.
  • Command Better Pay: With Security+ certification, you are qualified to ask higher salaries in the IT industry and it’s always beneficial when interviewing at multiple organizations.

Jobs Security+ Professionals Can Get

Security+ certification is a valuable asset and opens up opportunities for potential job growth. With particular knowledge in system and network security, organizations are looking for individuals to fill various job roles. Some of the jobs Security+ professionals can get include:

  • System Administrator: System administrators are responsible for the maintenance and repair of computer systems, ensuring they are running optimally. System administrators with Security+ certification should have an increased edge over those without the certification.
  • Network Administrator: Network administrators are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the organization’s networks, this job role is crucial in maintaining the uptime and performance of the network. As a network administrator, you will be utilizing your Security+ certification for constructing hardware configurations and installing software patches.
  • Security Analyst: Security analysts are responsible for managing the security systems of organizations. Security analysts ensure that security policies are being enforced and monitor the performance of the systems, looking for any vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Having Security+ certification will be very beneficial in applying for security analyst jobs.
  • Security Architect: Security architects are responsible for implementing the various security measures for an organizations, designing comprehensive security systems to protect the network, server and other IT components. Security+ certification is essential for security architects and is a must-have for this job role.

The Security+ certification is a great way to get into the IT security industry and have a successful career. The security industry is ever-growing with rapid advances in technology, making Security+ certification a great asset to have in the job market.


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