what jobs do asian parents like

what jobs do asian parents like

Jobs Asian Parents Generally Prefer For Their Children

Asian parents are known to have certain expectations set out for their children’s careers, and the following are some jobs that are particularly favoured by Asian parents:


Being a doctor is seen as a prestigious and stable career choice, and as such is one that many Asian parents would highly recommend. Doctors can expect to earn stable wages, good benefits, and job security. There is also the benefit of how respected such a career is, as no other job is seen as more noble or prestigious than being a doctor.


The job of a lawyer is also usually quite well respected, although less so than a doctor. Law provides the potential for a lucrative salary, and although it is considered a difficult and competitive field to break into, many Asian parents strive to encourage their children to pursue this career path.


Engineering is a good choice of career because it includes a good mix of both the sciences and maths, and can thus provide a secure and reasonable salary. This type of job also offers stability and job security, which are all factors that Asian parents generally look for when looking for a suitable career for their children.


A career in business, particularly finance, is considered another stable and lucrative job. Asian parents who wish for their children to pursue this line of career tend to encourage their children to take finance-related courses in order to improve their understanding and chances of success in the job market.


Teaching is another job that is considered favorable by many Asian parents. Being an educator is seen as a respectable job and offers individuals the opportunity to help shape the development of the future generation. This job is seen as a secure and stable career, although it may not provide the highest salaries.

Other career options that are considered favorable are jobs in accounting, IT, finance, and government services. All in all, Asian parents generally prefer jobs that provide stability and financial security, while also offering the opportunity to gain the respect and admiration of their peers.


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