what jobs do asian parents like

what jobs do asian parents like

What Jobs do Asian Parents Like?

Asian parents have traditionally been the driving force in determining their children’s future. From an early age, many Asian kids are taught to prioritize family expectations above their own. While some Asian parents encourage their children to pursue what makes them happy and understand the value of self-fulfillment others will do whatever it takes to get their kids into the ‘good’ jobs.

The idea of ‘good’ jobs in Asian culture varies widely depending on country/region yet almost inevitably revolves around certain industries and roles. Here are some jobs that Asian parents typically encourage their children to pursue.


Quite possibly the most prestigious job that any Asian parent would like their child to become, is a doctor. Medicine is associated with unparalleled respect in many Asian cultures and communities, dating back centuries. A key factor here is that it’s associated with saving lives – something most families prize highly.


Law is also a profession highly praised and recommended to young people by their Asian parents. It has considerably fewer barriers to entry than medicine and a reputable law degree from an Ivy League university may open doors to your career. Becoming a lawyer is also a relatively lucrative career path, a key factor for many immigrant families.


Engineering has long been an attractive profession for Asian parents for its social prestige, financial remuneration, and job security. A degree in engineering offers a wide range of opportunities across industries, as well as various specializations to choose from.


Not as flashy as some of the other options, accounting and finance are still seen as good options by many Asian households. Being able to crunch numbers and having a handle on the financial well-being of a company is held in high regard, and these industries provide job security and alluring salaries.

Other Options

In addition to the traditional careers outlined above, Asian parents are increasingly more understanding and open to their children’s choices. Many are comfortable with their children pursuing less traditional routes such as entrepreneurship and lead to a life of self-reliance.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you and your parents find a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s views. Despite cultural or generational differences, trust your own judgement, and pursue what will make you the most happy in the long-run.

Good luck and all the best!


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