what jobs does a senator perform check all that apply.

what jobs does a senator perform check all that apply.

What Jobs Does a Senator Perform?

Senators are elected officials responsible for representing their constituents and working to shape national laws. But what exact responsibilities do their jobs entail? Here is an overview of what a senator can be expected to do:

Legislative Duties

  • Propose Legislation: Senators draft and introduce bills for debate and a vote. This includes both suggested laws and amendments to existing laws.
  • Research Legislation: Time is spent studying legislation and gathering information in order to make the best decisions.
  • Debate Legislation: Once a bill has been introduced, the senator must defend it and make arguments for why it should be approved.
  • Voting: The ultimate decision about whether or not to pass a bill is up to the senator, who is then required to cast a vote accordingly.

Other Duties

  • Constituent Services: Senators are responsible for helping constituents navigate government bureaucracies and solve problems they may encounter.
  • Committee Work: Senators may also be assigned to various committees in order to help discuss and shape policy decisions.
  • Public Relations: Senators frequently appear in public to talk about their work and discuss the issues that are important to their constituents.

Overall, the role of a senator is multi-faceted. Senators must be proficient in both policy-making and public relations in order to be effective in their roles.


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