what jobs does a senator perform check all that apply.

what jobs does a senator perform check all that apply.

What Jobs Does a Senator Perform?

Senators perform a number of important tasks in representing the people in their state or federal government. A senator is tasked with making laws, voting for bills, and representing their constituents. Here are some of the job duties of a senator:


  • Sponsoring bills: Senators can introduce, debate, and vote on proposed laws. Senators are responsible for ensuring that the proposed laws are in line with their political party’s platform and best interests.
  • Amending legislation: Senators can make amendments to proposed legislation to improve or strengthen it.
  • Voting on Laws: Senators vote on proposed legislation that have passed through the House of Representatives and are ready to be voted on by the Senate.

Voting on Bills

Senators are responsible for voting on bills to ensure public interests are protected. They vote on a variety of bills, ranging from economic and financial matters, to social issues, foreign policy and defense.

Representing Constituents

  • Advocating for constituents: Senators are usually elected on the basis that they will represent their constituents in the legislature. They will advocate for their needs and interests in the Senate and strive to pass laws that are in line with their constituents.
  • Giving advice and counsel: Senators provide advice and counsel to members of their state or district in areas such as education, health, public safety and economic development.
  • Assisting in problem solving: If a constituent has a problem or issue that needs to be addressed, Senators will assist in problem solving and help resolve the issue.

As you can see, there are many duties a Senator is responsible for. Lawmaking, voting on bills, and representing their constituents are just a few of the important roles a Senator has.


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