what jobs dont do background checks

what jobs dont do background checks

What Jobs Don’t Do Background Checks?

Performing a background check on job applicants is becoming increasingly common, but there are quite a few jobs that don’t include this process as part of their recruitment efforts. Here is a list of some of the occupations that tend to hire without running background checks:


Retail stores do not typically require a background check just to work as a cashier or stocker. It may be necessary for a supervisory role, depending on the store and their security protocols, but otherwise positions that don’t involve a great deal of responsibility may be hired without this additional screening.

Food Service/Delivery

Most restaurants, cafés and fast-food restaurants do not require background checks to work as a cook, delivery driver, cashier or server. Again, if the position involves more responsibility or access to financial information, this screening may be required.

Waitstaff and Bartenders

Positions in bars and restaurants typically do not involve background checks for their wait staff and bartenders. These are typically considered entry-level positions with no access to money or sensitive information, so are rarely screened.

Event Staff/Promotion Staff

Jobs that involve working at events or promotions are generally not subject to background checks. This includes positions such as: promoters, security staff, stagehands and other jobs related to event staffing.


When hiring seasonal or full-time helping hands, farmers usually do not meet strict background check requirements. This does not mean that the farmer is not being diligent about whom they are hiring, but that the regulation of farms’ hiring is handled differently than other businesses.


Some positions in the health care services do not require background checks. Positions such as janitors, nurses’ aides or orderlies, or home health care may not need this level of screening. But any position that includes working with patients, having access to medication or finances will require a background check.

The Bottom Line

Although background checks are becoming more and more popular, there are many jobs that don’t include this step in the hiring process. If you are looking for a job that does not involve a background check, the occupations on this list are some of the best options available.


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