what jobs don’t require a vaccine

what jobs don’t require a vaccine

Jobs That Don’t Require Vaccines

The majority of jobs requiring close contact with the public, such as healthcare workers, educators, or police officers, will often require valid proof that certain vaccines have been provided to meet health and safety standards.

However, there are many jobs in all different kinds of sectors which don’t require any type of vaccine. Here are some examples:

Data Entry and Office Administration

Data Entry roles often don’t require valid proof of vaccines unless they are working in health industry-related roles. Office Administration roles may sometimes require evidence of a few vaccinations, however, they are usually flexible and the vaccines often depend on the country or state the role is located.

Freelance Writing, Editing, and Design

Freelance roles, such as writing and design, don’t require any proof of vaccines. In some cases, these roles may have to be conducted virtually, meaning no physical contact between other employees or customers is necessary.

Artisan and Craft Work

Many roles that rely on hand-skill, such as carpentry or tailoring, don’t normally require any evidence of vaccines. While it is important to maintain good hygiene standards, it is unlikely that occupational health and safety will demand evidence of a vaccine.

Delivery Work

Delivery roles often don’t require proof of a vaccine, as there is no physical contact between the customer and the delivery driver. It is important to use protective equipment such as masks, gloves and a face shield, along with maintaining social distancing when collecting or delivering goods.

Remote Positions

Many remote jobs, such as customer support or coding, don’t require a vaccine. Working virtually means there is no physical contact with other employees or customers, so providing proof of a vaccine is usually not required. In some cases, working remotely may have to be done in the employee’s home country or in a specific area.

In conclusion, there are many positions that don’t require valid proof of vaccinations, and it is important to consider the nature of the role before applying.


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