what jobs hire 10 year olds

what jobs hire 10 year olds

What Jobs Hire 10 Year Olds?

Many 10 year olds may be dreaming of earning their own money, but the truth is that it can be difficult for minors to find a job. However, there are still some appropriate jobs available to 10 year olds that not only look good on a college application, but will also teach them important life lessons and give them a sense of responsibility.

Farm Work

Many 10 year olds can find jobs working at farms or vineyards. This type of work is often seasonal, so it’s best to look for positions in the summer months from farmers in your area. As a farmhand, 10 year olds can help pick crops, tend to the animals, and even help manage the property.

Mobile Vendor

Often held at local festivals, 10 year olds can find work as mobile vendors. They will generally be helping to sell food and drinks, but can also help with ticket sales or other activities.


For 10 year olds who can demonstrate responsibility and maturity, babysitting can be a great way to earn money. Though they may not officially be able to advertise their services, they can team up with other babysitters in their area to offer a collective service. It’s also recommended that parents and guardians provide consent if the 10 year is to be left alone with a child.

Odd Jobs

With the help of an adult, 10 year olds can find work doing odd jobs around the house too. This can be anything from mowing the lawn to cleaning the pool, painting the fence, or even doing a little car maintenance.

Dog Walking & Pet Care

For animal lovers, dog walking and pet sitting can be a great way for 10 year olds to make some money. They can apply to local pet care services or advertise their own services. Of course, parental supervision is recommended when working with animals.


For an eco-friendly job opportunity, 10 year olds can collect and recycle cans and bottles. In some areas, there are deposit schemes that reimburse for cans and bottles, so this can be an easy way to make a little money.

No matter what job a 10 year old finds, it’s important that they demonstrate responsibility and respect. With parental guidance and supervision, 10 year olds can learn so many great skills that will look great on any future job application.

Good luck!


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