what jobs hire at 13 in oklahoma

what jobs hire at 13 in oklahoma

What Jobs Hire at 13 in Oklahoma?

It’s possible for 13 year-olds to work in Oklahoma, although the types of jobs are limited. It’s important to find out what the labor laws for Oklahoma say about working at such a young age. The following is an overview of what jobs hire at 13 in Oklahoma.

Eligible Jobs for 13 Year-Olds in Oklahoma

There are a few specific industries that hire youths of 13 years or older in Oklahoma:

  • Entertainment: Working as a performer in a theatrical, film, or television production is allowed within Oklahoma. The worker must obtain a youth employment certificate before beginning work.
  • Agricultural Work: Working in certain farm positions is allowed for youths 13 and older. This includes cotton ginning, tobacco points, crop tending, as well as general farm labor.
  • Delivery Jobs: Newspaper carriers or other delivery jobs are allowed for youths 13 and older. The employer, however, must provide workers compensation insurance.
  • Golf Caddies: Youth 13 and older may work as golf caddies.

Any occupation that is considered hazardous, such as roofing or operating cranes and hoists, as well as positions that involve the sale of alcohol and tobacco, are prohibited for youth workers under the age of 18.

Hours That 13 Year-Olds Are Allowed to Work in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there are hourly limits to the amount of time 13 year-olds can work. These limits vary slightly depending on the occupation, but in general, the following limits apply:

  • During School: No more than 3 hours a day and 18 hours a week on a school day.
  • After School: No more than 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.
  • Summer: No more than 8 hours a day and 48 hours per week.

Youths in these occupations must also have rest and meal breaks when working shifts over 5 hours.


Working at 13 in Oklahoma is possible in some industries such as entertainment, agriculture, delivery, and golf caddies. It’s important to be aware of the hourly limits and breaks required in each type of job in order to comply with the labor laws in Oklahoma.


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