what jobs hire at 14 in idaho

what jobs hire at 14 in idaho

Jobs Hiring at 14 in Idaho

Are you turning 14 soon and would like to find work that you can do in Idaho? The state allows minors of age 14-15 to be able to work with certain restrictions in place. Here are some of the jobs that you can find in Idaho that hire at 14:

Farm Laborer

Minors are allowed to do some agricultural work as long as it is not dangerous. Some of the tasks they can do on a farm include:

  • Harvesting of fruits, berries and vegetables.
  • Milking and feeding livestock.
  • Weed and grass removal.
  • Recording and sorting produce

Office Work

Minors can also find part-time clerical or office work such as filing and stocking papers, packaging, mail sorting and other minor tasks. They can also do jobs like janitorial work, operating office machines, preparing accounts, and even running errands.


Retail stores will often hire minors at age 14 to help out with basic tasks such as stocking shelves, checking in customers, organizing product, pricing and scanning items, cashiering and more.

Other Jobs

Other jobs that are available to 14 year olds in Idaho include:

  • Childcare
  • Lawn Care
  • Babysitting
  • Car Wash Attendant
  • Restaurant Work

It is important to note that minors under the age of 14 can find employment in Idaho, but it is limited to only certain types of jobs. It is also important to remember that certain restrictions are in place for minors such as the number of hours they can work, the type of work they can do, and the amount of supervision they must have. Be sure to check with your individual state for more specific regulations.


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