what jobs hire at 14 in kentucky

Jobs Hiring at 14 in Kentucky

Many teenagers in Kentucky are interested in finding a job to start making money at the age of 14. While this might seem young, there are several job opportunities that are available.

Jobs to Consider

Here are some of the jobs that can be found in Kentucky that are open to someone who is 14 years old:

  • Attractions/Amusement Center Positions – These include positions such as ticket takers, cashiers, and food service workers.
  • Bowling Alley Positions – Many bowling alleys offer positions for younger teens such as customer service, lane technicians, and other jobs.
  • Childcare Services – If a teen is interested in working with children, there are various childcare services in Kentucky looking for employees.
  • Pet Services – If a teen loves animals, there are pet sitting and pet grooming jobs available in Kentucky.
  • Retail Positions – Retail stores in Kentucky offer a variety of positions such as cashiers, stockers, and sales associates.


Even though these jobs may hire someone as young as 14 years old, there are still certain requirements that must be met. Every job that is held by someone under the age of 18 must abide by the federal and state law. Some of these laws may include proper working conditions and restrictions on hours worked.


Finding a job at 14 in Kentucky is a great way for teens to make money and gain experience in the workplace. Before applying for any job, make sure to research any laws or restrictions that pertain to someone working under the age of 18. This will ensure a safe and rewarding experience.


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