what jobs hire at 14 in philadelphia

what jobs hire at 14 in philadelphia

Finding Jobs For 14-Year-Olds in Philadelphia

Despite being able to start working early, 14-year-olds in Philadelphia have a limited set of job options. However, if you’re looking to make money at such a young age, there are opportunities available.

Jobs at Educational Facilities

Many after-school programs in schools throughout Philadelphia hire 14-year-olds. Some of the most popular job responsibilities include:

  • Teacher’s aide: Assist teachers with paperwork, preparing for lessons and activities, helping out at lunch and recess, and other assigned tasks.
  • Computer/science lab assistant: Assist students with computer-related lessons and activities, provide support to ensure students understand what they’ve learned, and help manage the classroom.
  • Office worker: Perform administrative tasks like filing, bulk mailings, data entry, answer telephones, and assist the principal and teachers.

Retail and Service Jobs

Many 14-year-olds find retail and service jobs in Philadelphia. Some popular job responsibilities include:

  • Grocery store employee: Most grocery stores in Philadelphia hire 14-year-olds to stock shelves, bag groceries, and assist customers.
  • Cashier: Most fast food restaurants and other food establishments hire 14-year-olds for cashier positions.
  • Babysitting: Some 14-year-olds babysit for families in their neighborhood for an hourly rate.

Other Opportunities

Philadelphia also offers some unique opportunities for 14-year-olds not necessarily linked to traditional retail and service jobs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Horticulture trainee: Many gardening centers and landscaping firms hire 14-year-olds as trainees to learn gardening or landscaping skills.
  • Animal groomer: Some pet grooming salons hire 14-year-olds to bathe, brush, and trim dog or cat hair.
  • Music/sports instructor: Music and recreational centers hire 14-year-olds as instructors to teach classes on music, sports, and other activities.

In Philadelphia, 14-year-olds have a world of opportunities when searching for a job. Whether it’s assisting teachers in local educational facilities, working in the retail sector, or taking advantage of the city’s unique offerings, there’s something for everyone.


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