what jobs hire at 15 in colorado

what jobs hire at 15 in colorado

Working at Age 15 in Colorado

Finding work in Colorado when you’re 15 years old can be tricky, however there are some industries which are willing to hire young people. Here are some of the jobs which may enable you to earn money while still of school age.

Retail and Food Services

Retail and food services are some of the most common industries that accept young workers. If you’re willing to work long hours, such as evenings and weekends, you may be able to find a job in customer service or at a fast food establishment.

Youth Worker

Often, city organizations look for young people to fill various roles, such as working with kids as an assistant day camp counselor, or in office roles as a youth community developer. Many youth worker roles are paid, and can be a great way to help others in your community.


If you excel academically, you can find tutoring services that take hires from age 15. Local tuition centers, libraries, and even private families are a great resource.


If you’re comfortable around children, consider looking for babysitting roles. Parents all over Colorado are in need of reliable and responsible people to look after their kids. You could even open your own babysitting service or advertise your services online.

Other Jobs

Other part-time jobs that often hire those aged 15 include:

  • Gardening services
  • Dog walking
  • Delivering newspapers
  • Yard work

Above all, it’s important to respect and understand the labor laws when it comes to working at 15 in Colorado. Be sure to check the restrictions, work hours, and wage limits for those under 16.


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