what jobs hire at 15 in florida

what jobs hire at 15 in florida

Jobs Hiring at 15 in Florida

Finding a job as a teen in Florida can seem difficult, but there are several paths you can take. Being 15 may limit the options, but there are still plenty of opportunities for teens to explore.

Type of Jobs

The types of job teens aged 15 can apply for often include:

  • Movie Theater Employee – These typically hire teens 15 and up for concession stand, ticket taker, and usher positions.
  • Retail and Grocery Store Clerk – Lower-level retail jobs often hire workers at 15.
  • Fast Food Worker – Many fast food restaurants are fair and will hire 15-year-olds for entry-level jobs.
  • Lifeguard – If you’re certified as a lifeguard, you may be able to get a job working at a local pool or beach.
  • Babysitting – Babysitting is a great way to get your foot in the door, gain experience and make some extra money.
  • Pet Sitting – If you’re an animal lover, you may be able to find pet sitting and walking jobs near you.
  • Lawn Care and Landscaping – Depending on the job and the company, some teens can find seasonal or occasional work doing yard work.

How to Apply?

The best way to apply for jobs is in person. This allows you to make an impression, talk to the hiring manager and show your enthusiasm for the job. If that’s not an option, you can always apply online, by mail, or by fax.


Though the options for teens may be limited, there are still plenty of avenues teens can explore to find jobs in Florida. With the right preparation and determination, teens can find a job that fits their needs.


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