what jobs hire at 15 in oklahoma

what jobs hire at 15 in oklahoma

Teen Jobs in Oklahoma

With the rise of minimum wage jobs, teenagers across the country are stepping into the working world earlier than ever.
One popular choice for 15-year-olds seeking employment in Oklahoma is daycare work. There are several daycares and youth learning centers in towns and cities throughout the state that typically hire teens between the ages of 15 and 17 to help take care of the younger children in their care.


Retail jobs are another option for 15-year-olds in Oklahoma. Many small businesses and retail stores hire teenagers to do things like stocking shelves and helping customers. Many of these retailers do not set an age limit and as long as you are capable of doing the job, you may be hired.


Food service-oriented establishments like restaurants, cafes and fast food joints are all potential places of employment in the Sooner State. Many restaurants will hire teenagers to bus tables and tend to customers needs. Like other jobs, though, you must be able to handle the physical demands of the job.

Summer Jobs

Summer can be a great time to look for a job in Oklahoma. If you are willing to look outside of the traditional job market, there are plenty of opportunities. Consider jobs like camp counselor, lifeguard, tour guide, teaching assistant, and produce stand attendant.

Other Opportunities

In addition to these more traditional jobs, there are several opportunities to work freelance and remote jobs in Oklahoma. Consider taking up babysitting or tutoring gigs in your community. There are also opportunities to do administrative work or freelance writing and graphic design. You may also be able to find virtual assistant or other online jobs.

No matter what type of job you’re looking for, there are plenty of possibilities for teens in Oklahoma. With the right attitude, motivation and a willingness to learn, you can find the perfect job to fit your needs.

Good luck!


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