what jobs make $50 an hour

what jobs make $50 an hour

Jobs That Pay $50 an Hour

It’s possible to make $50 an hour or more with certain career paths. While many of the jobs that pay $50 or more per hour require specialized educational backgrounds or years of experience, such as law or medicine, there are other jobs available.

1. Freelance Developers/Software Engineers

Freelance software engineers or developers usually have a Bachelor’s Degree in a computing or technology related field and may also have several years of industry experience. Highly experienced freelance software developers can command a rate of $50+ per hour, depending on their skills and the project requirements.

2. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can be in high demand and command high rates depending on the job. Experienced graphic designers with a robust portfolio of work and expertise in certain areas, such as web design, digital design, product photos, etc. can command $50+ per hour for freelance projects.

3. UX Designers/UI Designers

UX and UI Designers plan and design the user experience and user interface for websites, apps and digital products. UX/UI designers often have a Bachelor’s degree and/or a Graduate degree in Graphic Design, Interaction Design or Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Those with several years of experience in the field can command high rates and charge $50+ an hour.

4. Consultants

Consultants are experienced professionals who provide advice to individuals, businesses or organizations based on their expertise and experience. Consultants usually have a degree and possess several years of experience in the field they are consulting in. Highly experienced consultants can earn $50+ an hour.

5. Financial Advisors

Financial advisors provide people with advice on investments and financial planning. Financial advisors usually have a degree and several years of experience in the finance and banking industry. Highly experienced financial advisors and those with specialized experience can command a rate of $50+ an hour for consultation.

6. Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for coordinating, planning and overseeing the completion of certain projects. Project managers usually hold a degree and several years of experience in the industry. Highly experienced project managers who have completed several large-scale projects can command a rate of $50+ per hour.


These are just some of the careers that pay $50 an hour or more. While not all jobs that pay $50+ an hour require advanced degrees, they all usually require years of experience and specialized skills. Additionally, job seekers should carefully research the expected market rate for the job they are seeking and strive to negotiate or command rates in line with their experience and expertise.


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