what jobs pay 10 an hour near me

what jobs pay 10 an hour near me

Jobs That Pay 10 an Hour Near Me

Are you looking for a job that pays an hourly rate of 10 dollars an hour? There are several options in a variety of different fields that you should consider.

Retail Positions

One of the most common options for a 10-an-hour job is retail. Some of the many jobs included in this category are:

  • Cashiers – Cashiers are the frontlines of retail. Responsibilities usually include taking payments, helping customers find items in the store, stocking shelves, and running a register.
  • Sales Associates – Sales Associates help floor customers find the items they are looking for, as well as offering advice or product knowledge.
  • Stockers – Stockers are responsible for stocking shelves, organizing merchandise, and helping maintain the store’s appearance.

Food Service Positions

Another option for 10-an-hour jobs is food service. Some of the associated jobs include:

  • Server – Servers take orders, deliver food to customers, and ensure that customer needs are met.
  • Prep Cook – Prep Cooks help the kitchen staff prepare food for customers. Duties can include chopping ingredients, preparing sauces, and cleaning up after the meal.
  • Bartender – Bartenders are responsible for pouring drinks, mixing cocktails, and serving patrons.

Childcare Positions

For those interested in working with kids, there are several jobs that can earn a 10-an-hour wage. These include:

  • Babysitter – Babysitters are responsible for taking care of children in a home setting. This can include feeding, changing diapers, watching over playtime, and light housekeeping.
  • Nanny – Nannies often take on a bigger role than babysitters. This job involves caring for children in the home, providing transportation to/from activities, helping with studying/homework, and possibly meal preparation.
  • Daycare Worker – Daycare Workers watch over children in a facility setting. Responsibilities include playing with and teaching children, making sure they stay safe, providing meals and snacks, and helping with daily activities.

These are only a few jobs that can offer 10 dollars an hour. With the right job-searching skills and persistence, you can find the perfect job. Good luck!


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