what jobs pay 200 an hour

what jobs pay 200 an hour

Jobs that Pay $200 an Hour

Many people are interested in jobs that pay a very high hourly rate. Jobs that pay over $200 an hour can be found if you know where to look. Here is a list of some jobs which can potentially make you $200 an hour or more.


Consulting is one way to make a great hourly rate. Experienced professionals in a range of fields, from marketing to accounting, can command rates up to $250 or more an hour from their clients. This type of work typically requires previous experience in the field, as well as a large network of contacts who can refer potential clients.

Legal Services

Lawyers who specialize in fields such as patent law, corporate law, and bankruptcy law can charge up to $350 an hour or more depending on the type of work. Lawyers may also be hired on a project basis, so they can potentially make even more than $200 an hour over the duration of a project.

Interim C-Level Executives

Interim executive positions can pay up to $500 an hour. These positions are often filled by executives with extensive experience in the industry and can typically be found in senior leadership roles such as CFO, CEO, or COO. These positions are temporary, so the executive is usually retained for a short duration.


Surgeons are typically highly trained and paid professionals who can make up to $400 an hour or more in private practice. This is a field that requires years of intensive training, and a good reputation also helps to command higher fees.

Freelance Writers and Editors

Freelance writers and editors who specialize in areas such as technical writing and copy editing can command hourly rates up to $250 an hour. This type of work typically requires extensive experience and expertise, as well as the ability to deliver quality work on a tight deadline.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents in major metropolitan areas can make up to $200 an hour or more if they have experience in the market and have access to high-end luxury properties. Agents typically make money through commissions on sales, so the more properties they can sell, the higher their earnings.

These are just a few of the jobs that can potentially pay more than $200 an hour. With the right qualifications, experience, and connections, anyone can make a great hourly rate.


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