what jobs require hair follicle test

what jobs require hair follicle test

What Jobs Require Hair Follicle Tests?

Hair follicle tests are a type of drug test that looks at drug metabolites that are stored in strands of hair. These tests measure substances that have been in a person’s system rather than the current level of drugs, and they are often sought by employers in order to detect past drug use. Here are a few jobs that may require hair follicle tests:

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics positions often require a hair follicle test before employment. Jobs such as bus drivers, long-haul truckers, and other types of transportation roles can involve transporting large numbers of people or valuable cargo that require a high level of responsibility. Drug use or abuse may pose a risk to passengers or cargo and can lead to accidents, so employers often look for an extra level of assurance that the potential employee does not have a long history of drug use.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers operate in a highly responsible position. They must carry a weapon, face potentially dangerous situations, and be responsible for making important decisions in tough spots. All of these roles require a certain level of mental sharpness to protect the public and also to be able to protect themselves. Drug use may put them in an impaired condition and put them at risk of making the wrong decision, so most law enforcement positions require a hair follicle test prior to hiring.

Healthcare Roles

Drug use in the healthcare field can put patients at risk due to the kinds of drugs and chemicals used in these settings. A hair follicle test may be requested in order to ensure that healthcare professionals are fully engaged and mentally sharp when dealing with patients. This can prevent mistakes from occurring and ensure that patients are safe.

Government Jobs

Government jobs involve a great deal of trust. The public entrusts government employees to make the right decisions and use government money properly. Drug use can impair judgment and lead to mistakes that could cost the government a lot of money. As a result, many government jobs require a hair follicle test prior to beginning work.

In conclusion, hair follicle tests are often sought by employers in order to detect past drug use and to ensure that people in trust positions have a clean record. Jobs in transportation, law enforcement, healthcare, and government roles often require a hair follicle test before employment may be offered.


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