what love is this kari jobe

what love is this kari jobe

What is Love?

When it comes to Kari Jobe’s song “What Love Is This”, it can’t be denied that her powerful lyrics and passionate vocals offer a beautiful meditation on the subject of love. From her soaring notes to the thought-provoking and emotional words, Jobe explores the depths of love within this song.

Unconditional and Unstoppable

As the song begins, it immediately sets the tone that love is unconditional and unstoppable, no matter what:

“It’s a river of mercy, free flowin’ through
A revelation of beauty, it’s beautiful, so true
It’s a secret of wonders, it can move mountains
A never-ending ocean of grace that rises up in me.”

These lyrics reveal that no matter the circumstances, love is constant, beautiful and has the power to overcome any obstacle. There is a divine origin to love– a source of strength and grace that fills our lives with hope and joy.

Resilient and Renewing

The song also speaks to the fact that love is resilient and renewing. It is something we can rely on and turn to in times of hardship. The lyrics:

“In the struggle, in the valley
I will resist the temptation
To turn away, I’ll never
I’m holding on, I’m holding on
My soul will sing out love remains, love remains”

Remind us that love can be a source of strength when life is difficult and uncertain. It is something that never wavers and remains a source of comfort even when everything else changes.

Love is Everything

In the end, Kari Jobe’s song “What Love Is This” serves to remind us that love is everything. Here are some of the ways in which love has the power to enrich our lives:

  • Love is comforting
  • Love is empowering
  • Love is sustaining
  • Love is unconditional
  • Love is resilient

Although the song does not explicitly explain what love is or how it works, it invites us to look within ourselves, to explore our deepest feelings and emotions to discover what true love really is.


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