what navy jobs see combat

what navy jobs see combat

What Navy Jobs See Combat?

The U.S. Navy is a major part of the country’s defense structure, which protect our shores and interests around the world. While many jobs within the navy can be non combat related, there are still a few that actively support combat operations and could find themselves in harm’s way. Here are the top navy jobs that seeing combat:

1. Navy Captain/Commander

The head of a navy vessel is ultimately responsible for its safety, the safety of its crew, and the success of its mission. As the commander of a ship, they are in active command of their vessel while in-theater and in combat operations, directing their crew to combat any threats they might come across.

2. Navy Seals

One of the most elite groups of military personnel, Navy Seals are specialized to carry out missions in any environment, often in potential harm’s way. These missions involve infiltrating dangerous areas, extracting important data and performing combat operations against enemy personnel.

3. Navy Fighter Pilots

Navy fighter pilots fly aircraft like the F/A-18 Hornet, F-35 Lightning II, and EA-18G Growler in support of combat operations. Pilots are responsible for providing air support in-theater, taking out enemy targets and responding to air threats.

4. Special Operations Forces

The Special Operations Force (SOF) is an elite force made up of personnel from all branches of the military, including the navy. These personnel are highly trained to carry out dangerous missions and can be found in potential combat zones around the world.

5. Navy Gunners

Navy gunners are responsible for operating and maintaining the navy’s weapons systems. This includes controlling gun turrets and utilizing machine guns, small arms and other weapons in combat situations.


When it comes to combat, the navy has a number of personnel and roles that can experience harm’s way. While most jobs within the navy are non combat related, these five jobs often support combat operations and come in close contact with enemy forces.


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