what size lock for ridgid job box

what size lock for ridgid job box

What Size Lock for a Rigid Job Box

Securing tools, documents and other components of a job is a essential part of any workplace. Having a securely locked Rigid job box is a way to make sure everything is secured in its proper place. Finding the right lock for your job box is an important part of running an efficient workplace.

Finding the Right Lock Size

When looking to lock your job box, chances are you’ll need to first determine the size of the lock in order to install it. It’s important to double check the measurements of your Rigid job box as some models vary in sizes, so each box might require a differently sized lock. Here are a few tips to consider when finding the right size lock:

  • Measure the Job Box – Make sure that the lock you use will fit securely within the space of the job box. It’s important to measure the hole for the lock as well as the job box to make sure the measurements line up with the lock you choose.
  • Check the Lock Specification – Each lock tends to have its own size specifications that should line up with the measurements of the box.
  • Makes Necessary Adjustments – If the measurements don’t line up, some adjustments may need to be made for the lock to fit comfortably.


A secure Rigid job box can provide an efficient workplace by making sure everything is secure and in its proper place. Finding the right size lock to fit your box is as important as finding the right box. To ensure that you get the most secure lock size, make sure to always double check the comparison between your job box and the lock size.


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