what to bring to a job orientation

what to bring to a job orientation

What to Bring to a Job Orientation

Making it to the job orientation is one of the most exciting parts of getting employed, but you can also make it much easier on yourself by preparing and bringing certain items with you. Preparation is key to success, and getting organized and ready for job orientation helps you establish a good first impression with your new employer. Here is a list of items that you should bring to your job orientation:

1. Information and Documents

  • Resume: Have a few copies of your resume on hand to reference.
  • Personal Identification: Bring original documents such as a driver’s license, photo ID, Social Security card or passport.
  • Income Verification: Your new employer may require financial information such as prior year tax returns or pay stubs for income verification.

2. Comfortable Attire and Supplies

  • Clothing: Wear clothing that is professional and comfortable
  • Pen/Paper: Bring a pen and small notebook for taking notes.
  • Phone: Bring a charged phone in case you need to contact family or a ride.

3. Questions and Attitude

  • Questions: Have 1-2 questions prepared in advance to ask your employer.
  • Attitude: Arrive with an open mind. Prepare yourself to learn, and be eager to start your job.

Arriving at your job orientation prepared and with the right items in hand can make a favorable impression on your first day. Make sure to review the list above and reference it when you start packing for your orientation day. Best of luck and congratulations on joining your new team!


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