what warehouse jobs hire felons

what warehouse jobs hire felons

What Warehouse Jobs Hire Felons

When it comes to finding a job as a convict, many times it can in fact be difficult to obtain gainful employment. However, there are several careers available for felons, particularly in the warehouse industry. Warehouses often hire felons for jobs, and this article will discuss the following:

Benefits of Warehouse Work

For felons, warehouse labor offers several advantages over other lines of work. Above all, warehouse work is often entry-level, meaning it can be easier to obtain and will require little to no job experience or education. Warehouse jobs typically also pay well, with the chance to make a decent monthly wage through overtime labor.

Types of Warehouse Jobs Available

Within the warehouse industry, there are a variety of different positions felons can pursue. Some of these are as follows:

  • Forklift Operators – These positions involve operating and maneuvering heavy machinery to transport goods. No prior experience is needed for these jobs.
  • Inventory Associates – This job requires taking stock of goods coming in and out of the warehouse. Basic math skills and the ability to recognize goods are helpful for this position.
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerks – This type of job requires organizing, packing, and shipping goods to their corresponding destinations.
  • Loaders/Unloaders – These positions involve manually carrying goods on and off of trucks.

Tips For Finding Warehouse Work

In order to find warehouse work, felons should take the following steps:

  1. Create a Resume – Take the time to make a professional resume which outlines experience and qualifications.
  2. Apply Online – Many warehouses post job postings on their websites, so searching for and applying to these positions is essential.
  3. Network – Get out in the community and network with other workers in the warehouse industry. This can help to obtain familiar faces when interviewing.
  4. Reach Out To Resources – There are many felon-friendly job resources available, such as the OSBCC and Reentry Programs. Reaching out to these resources is a smart move.

In conclusion, warehouse work can be an excellent career opportunity for felons. With many benefits, and a wide range of positions available, felons can easily find gainful employment in warehouses with the right approach.


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