what was elvis’s job in the army


What was Elvis’s Job in the Army?


Elvis Presley’s career as an entertainer is widely known, but less well known is the two years he served in the United States Army in the late 1950s. During that time, he carried out a variety of tasks and duties that were crucial to his successful service.

Recruiting Office


Elvis was first stationed at the local recruiting office in Memphis, Tennessee, not long after graduating from high school. His post at the office was a clerical one, and he was responsible for filling out paperwork for new recruits. He also helped out in the office by handling phone calls and guiding visitors.

Airborne Division


Later, Elvis was part of the Third Armored Division of the U.S. Army, based in Germany at the time. As part of the division, he underwent several weeks of basic training and then joined the Airborne Division as a rifleman. His duties entailed patrolling the grounds, keeping watch, and engaging in other military operations as needed. Elvis and his division also took part in several significant operations throughout Germany and Austria.

Entertainment Division


While stationed in Germany, Elvis also began performing shows to entertain soldiers in the Division’s clubs. This evolved into him joining the Special Services Entertainment Division of the Army, which allowed him to perform regularly throughout his service. Elvis embraced this role, performing up to four shows a day for other army members. He was even able to record some songs in the local recording studio.

Other Assignments


Along with the above duties, Elvis also took on a number of other assignments during his time in the Army. These included:

    • G.I. Instructor: Elvis was assigned as an instructor to teach other soldiers about weapons, mapping, and field strategy.


    • Driver: Early in his service, Elvis was also assigned to drive a Jeep and transport officers around the area.


    • Security Guard: On more than one occasion, Elvis was assigned to help provide security at local military installations.


    • Honorary Colonel: As an appreciation of his service, Elvis was made an honorary colonel. This gave him a higher level of responsibility and status in the Army.


Elvis’s time in the Army was an important part of his life and his career. The experience had far-reaching consequences, from allowing him to showcase his musical talents to developing a greater appreciation for the armed forces. The experience also proved to be a good fit for him, giving him the chance to demonstrate leadership and responsibility.


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