what was jesus job in the bible

what was jesus job in the bible

Jesus’s Job in the Bible

When people hear the name Jesus, they tend to think of him as a teacher, healer, and the Messiah. But what was his job in the Bible? Below we will explore Jesus’s role in the Bible and discover what his primary occupations were.

Jesus as a Teacher

For most people, Jesus’s title as a “Teacher” primarily comes from the Gospels and his famous parables. Matthew and Mark’s gospels both describe Jesus as teaching people in public places such as the synagogue, at social gatherings, and even during his ministry tours. He would address the common issues of the day such as hypocrisy, corruption, and injustice. His speaking address came to be known as “The Sermon on the Mount” and is considered one of his greatest legacies.

Jesus as a Healer

Due to Jesus’s reputation as a teacher, he was frequently sought out for healing by people with illnesses, spiritual unrest, and psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety. It is said in the Bible that Jesus could heal people from their ailments with the power of prayer and faith. He is believed to have cured a blind man, a leper, and even raised Lazarus from the dead. His reputation for healing was so strong that crowds of people would follow him and come in the hopes of finding relief from their physical or mental ailments.

Jesus as the Messiah

In addition to his roles as a teacher and a healer, Jesus is believed to have fulfilled the ancient promise of the Messiah. The Old Testament speaks of a divine being who will come and rescue his people from their suffering and oppression. This divine being is known as the Messiah. As the son of God, Jesus was able to spread a message of hope and salvation to the people in need. Through his teachings, Jesus offered salvation through faith and repentance.


Jesus’s job in the Bible was threefold: he was a teacher, a healer, and the Messiah. He taught the people by delivering sermons and parables, healed them by providing spiritual and physical relief, and redeemed them with his message of hope and salvation. While Jesus may be best known for his sacrifice on the cross, it is important to remember the legacy he left when he was alive: one of teacher, healer, and savior.


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