what was job’s sin

what was job’s sin

What Was Job’s Sin?

The character of Job from the Bible is seen as a righteous person who God allows to be tested and tried by Satan for his loyalty. In spite of extreme challenges and grief, Job remains loyal and devoted to God and does not waver in his faith.

The Debate Over Job’s Sin

Throughout history, different people have come up with different theories about what Job’s sin could have possibly been for God to allow these circumstances. Some say that Job’s sin was not revealed in the text and therefore was never revealed. The lack of an answer within the text is why the debate persists to this day.

Different Ideas About Job’s Sin

There are various ideas about what Job’s sin could have been. Some of these include:

  • Over Pride: Job was a man of high rank and was blessed with much wealth. Historically, it has been thought that Job’s sin was related to the pride he might have felt due to his station and that God removed these blessings in order to humble him.
  • Ingratitude: Another idea is that Job was an ungrateful person and lacked appreciation for God’s blessings which is why he was put through these trials.
  • Improper Use of Power: A third idea is that Job was too powerful and had strayed from his faith in God by using that position to oppress those weaker than him.


The debate surrounding Job’s sin is one that will likely continue for some time to come due to the lack of clarity in the text of the Bible. No matter what the sin may have been, it serves as a cautionary tale to stay faithful to God and to remember to show appreciation for blessings.


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