what was job’s wife’s name

what was job’s wife’s name

The Interesting Life of Job and His Wife

Most are familiar with Job, the Biblical figure known for his perseverance, stability and unwavering faith. But there has been much speculation regarding Job’s wife and what her name and identity were. Let’s explore her story.

was Job’s Wife Named?

Although her name is never mentioned in the biblical account of Job, most scholars agree her identity was probably a woman named Dinah. It is thought that Dinah could have been the daughter of Jacob and Leah, which means Job and Dinah were technically related.

What Was Job’s Wife’s Role?

The Bible states that Job’s wife was a faithful and spiritual woman. She faithfully supported her husband through all of his difficulties and encouraged him in his faith. She was also known for her wisdom and patience, which are attributes that Job praised her for.

Job’s Wife’s Influence

In spite of not being named in the Bible, Job’s wife undoubtedly had a great influence on his faith. Her supportive presence was often cited by Job in his prayers and speeches.


Though Job’s wife is not commonly included in discussions about his life and faith, it is clear she played an incredible role in his spiritual journey. Her influence and support are invaluable and demonstrate the power of love, faith and Biblical wisdom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Job’s wife is generally believed to be Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah.
  • She was known to be a faithful and spiritual woman who encouraged her husband in his faith.
  • Job’s wife undoubtedly had an important role in his spiritual journey.


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