what was lucifer’s job in heaven

what was lucifer’s job in heaven

Lucifer’s job in Heaven

The Bible reveals, Lucifer had a number of roles in Heaven before his fall. Despite the common conception of Lucifer as the Devil, he started out as a glorious, shining angel who was given important responsibilities.

Renowned Angel

Lucifer was the most renowned of all the heavenly angels. In fact, he was known as the “shining one” and was described by the prophet Ezekiel as the “anointed one” among the angels. He served in a position of authority and respected among the other celestial beings.


In his capacity as a guardian, Lucifer monitored the activity of Adam and Eve. He tracked the Garden of Eden and was charged with the duty of keeping Adam and Eve safe.

Worship Leader

At the head of Heaven’s choirs and worshippers, Lucifer stood as the created being most honored by God. As a worship leader, Lucifer was on the front lines, heading up the angels and humans in praising the Almighty.

Tester of the Faithful

Lucifer also played the role of tester of the faithful. He was tasked with evaluating and challenging the loyalty of humans in their relationship with God. This was done in order to strengthen the faith and challenge of individuals to demonstrate their commitment to God.

Adversary of God

Perhaps the most well-known role of Lucifer was his position as the adversary of God. He was the ultimate source of temptation and tested the faith and loyalty of humans, leading to their fall from grace.


Lucifer was a mighty angel in Heaven who served in many capacities. He was the supervisor and guardian of Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden, the leader of the Heavenly choirs, and the tester of the faithful. He was revered among the angels and faithful among humans. However, his fall was inevitable as he chose to become the ultimate source of temptation that eventually led to the man’s fall from grace.


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