what was the job of the lorax


The Lorax and His Jobs

The Lorax is a character that is often seen as the protector of the environment, due to his fight to save the land of the Truffula trees from the nefarious Once-ler. But there is much more to this character than his dedication to the environment; in fact, he has a number of jobs that he has undertaken throughout his existence.

Talking to Animals

The Lorax is credited as being one of the few beings who can speak on behalf of the animals. Although he does not speak for them literally, he does understand what they say and communicates this knowledge to those who cannot decipher their language. In the original story, the Lorax speaks for the Humming-Fish and Swomee-Swans, although he was also known to have helped protect other animals throughout the land.

Listening to the Once-ler

The Lorax often serves as a conscience to the Once-ler, who he meets while trying to save the Truffula trees. He listens to the Once-ler’s stories and often tries to remind him of the harm he has caused to the environment. This is an extremely important job, as it helps to ensure that the Once-ler does not become too reckless with his actions.

Saving the Trees

Of course, one of the most important jobs of the Lorax is that of saving the Truffula trees from the Once-ler. This is the job that he is most known for, and his fight to protect these beloved trees from the industrialization that the Once-ler was planning quickly earned him the title as the “guardian of the forest”. He does not shy away from speaking out against the plans of the Once-ler, and ultimately leads to the Once-ler’s change of heart.

Spreading His Message

The Lorax is also a master of persuasion, and his message of environmental awareness quickly gained traction. He is seen as a leader of sorts, and his message is spread to those around him in both words and actions. He speaks out against the mistreatment of the environment, and his pleas often lead to a change of heart in those who hear him.

The Lorax is a truly admirable character, and he serves as an important reminder of the importance of preserving the environment. Whether it is talking to animals, listening to the Once-ler, saving the Truffula trees, or spreading his message, the Lorax is always on the job and always fighting for what is right.


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