what was the women’s job in rhode island

what was the women’s job in rhode island

Women’s Job in Rhode Island: An Overview

Long before Rhode Island became the modern state it is today, it was home to many different cultures. Women played a quite vital role in the development of the region, and continue to do so today. Throughout history, Rhode Island women worked in a variety of fields to contribute to the growth of the community.

Traditional Jobs

During colonial times, women in Rhode Island often took on jobs very different from those that women have today. Common jobs for women in the early 1800s included spinning, weaving, teaching, and farming:

  • Spinning: Women in Rhode Island spun yarn and linen to produce clothes, bedding, and other fabric items
  • Weaving: Women regularly wove material, contributing to the production of cloth and making items for the home
  • Teaching: Women often taught children, as well as adults, as literacy was not always a high priority in the more rural areas of Rhode Island
  • Farming: Although it was mostly done by men, women often were responsible for small agricultural tasks such as tending the crops, butchering animals, and preparing food

Modern Jobs

Today, women in Rhode Island hold a wide range of occupations, many of which were not traditional opportunities for women in the past. While the textile and agricultural industries are still important in Rhode Island, they are no longer the key factors of the economy. Here are some of the fields that modern Rhode Island women have entered into:

  • Technology: Women are becoming more involved in the burgeoning tech industry, both in designing products and in leading tech companies. Recently, for example, women founded a technology accelerator in Rhode Island.
  • Law: Women are becoming more involved in the legal field, both in terms of practicing law and in terms of leading legal causes.
  • Real Estate: Women are rapidly becoming leaders in the world of real estate, both in terms of finding and buying property, and in terms of providing advice to buyers and sellers.
  • Construction: Women are more involved than ever in the construction industry. From architects to engineers to laborers, women are finding their way into many aspects of the building business.


Women’s roles in Rhode Island have changed significantly over the past two centuries, and they continue to play an important role in the development and success of the state. From traditional agricultural and textile work to cutting-edge tech design, Rhode Island women have had a major impact on the state’s economy.


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