what was tommy job on martin

what was tommy job on martin

What Was Tommy’s Job on Martin?

Tommy was a main supporting character on the hit 1990’s sitcom, Martin. He was portrayed by renowned actor, Thomas Mikal Ford.

Character Description

Tommy was Martin’s best friend throughout the course of the show, frequently getting involved in outrageous hijinks with him. He was characterized as the #2 to Martin’s #1, the side-kick to the star of the show. Though he’s portrayed as something of a goof and a slacker, Tommy is often the voice of reason when the situation got out of hand.

Talents and Occupations

Though Tommy had some pretty wild schemes, he was no stranger to hard work and had various occupations throughout the show’s run. These included:

  • Enterpreneur: Tommy had some success as an businessman, launching a lawncare service and an all-you-can-eat restaurant, to name a few.
  • Barber: After taking a barber-training course, he opened his own barbershop that was quite popular among the locals.
  • Receptionist: He took a job at the local radio station as a receptionist, and even took over hosting duties from time to time.

Tommy’s jobs were an integral part of Martin‘s comedic plotlines and provided some of the show’s best laughs. His various occupations were a great way to show how he was able to balance work with fun and keep things interesting.


Though Tommy’s job may have been the brunt of many of the jokes on Martin, his character was an important part of the show. He provided many of the show’s best laughs and kept viewers entertained with his wild schemes and wilder jobs.


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