what was tommy’s job on martin

what was tommy’s job on martin

A Look At Tommy’s Position On Martin

Tommy had many jobs on the 90s sitcom Martin. He was a valuable part of the show, providing comedy, heart, and reliable friendship. Let’s take a look at the different aspects of Tommy’s role on the show.

Tommy as a Musician

Tommy was Martin’s best friend who was also a talented musician. He was part of a two-man rap group, The Mug Stubs, created with his cousin Simmy, who was played by Kevin Mambo. Tommy and Simmy were funny every time they appeared on the show and their original music performances created some of the show’s most memorable moments.

Tommy as Assistant

Tommy also served as a jack-of-all-trades assistant to Martin throughout the series. He would help him out and get him out of sticky situations. Tommy was an incredibly valuable ally to Martin, even when Martin would sometimes take advantage of Tommy’s friendship.

Tommy as a Friend

Above all, Tommy had a great friendship and chemistry with Martin. Together, they were the best of pals who were willing to do anything for one another. Their conversations, disagreements, and banter were some of the most enjoyable and entertaining scenes on the show.


Tommy was an essential part of Martin and provided a lot to the show. Even though he wasn’t the star and was often overshadowed by Martin, Tommy’s presence was felt in every scene. Without him, Martin wouldn’t have been the same show.


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