what was tommy’s job on martin

what was tommy’s job on martin

Tommy’s Job on Martin

Martin Lawrence was an iconic comedian and actor who starred in the 1990s sitcom Martin. Tommy Strawn was Martin’s faithful sidekick and friend, who served as a regular character on the show.

Tommy’s Character Traits

Tommy was often known for being a ladies man, as he was always chasing after different women. He was a bit of a playboy, but he was always loyal to Martin. Tommy was also a bit of a wisecracker whose humor often got him into trouble.

Tommy’s Job

At the beginning of the series, Tommy worked as a lounge singer at a local club. As Martin’s fame grew, however, eventually he was able to land a job as a DJ at a nearby radio station. In addition to being a DJ, Tommy also managed Martin’s career and helped arrange gigs for him.

Other Responsibilities

Tommy and Martin were inseparable on the show, and as a result, Tommy was often tasked with taking care of various responsibilities as Martin’s sidekick. These responsibilities included:

  • Helping to solve Martin’s problems: Whenever Martin got himself into a mess, Tommy was usually the first person he turned to for help. Often, his wisecrack humor was essential to coming up with creative solutions.
  • Being a voice of reason: Martin was often caught up in his own delusions and Tommy was the one to bring him back down to earth and help him see the truth. He was also there to offer support and guidance when Martin felt overwhelmed.
  • Offering comic relief: Tommy’s jokes and wit were often used to lighten the mood and release tension. He had a unique sense of humor that was essential to keeping the show lighthearted and funny.

Tommy was an essential part of Martin, and without him, the show wouldn’t have been the same. He was more than just a sidekick, he was Martin’s confidant and loyal friend.


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