what would a nose job look like on me

what would a nose job look like on me

What Would a Nose Job Look Like on Me?

Nose jobs, or rhinoplasty, are a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can alter the shape and size of a person’s nose. If you are considering a nose job but are not sure what you would look like after, this article is for you. Here we’ll explore what a nose job can do for you, and how to figure out what it will look like on you.

What Can a Nose Job Do for You?

A nose job can alter your nose’s size, shape, and angles. Your surgeon can remove bumps, reduce the width of the bridge of the nose, correct a hook or snub-nose shape, or narrow a wide nose.

How Can I Figure Out What it Will Look Like on Me?

Before you undergo a nose job, your plastic surgeon is likely to what to discuss what you would like your results to look like. Ask your surgeon to show you pre and post-operative pictures of past patients to get an idea of what is realistic for your nose job.

You may also be able to use computer imaging software, where your surgeon superimposes your desired look onto a picture of your face. However, keep in mind that computer imaging results are not always completely accurate.

Final Thoughts

A nose job is a great way to alter your nose and enhance its appearance. To explore what a nose job could look like for you, discuss your desired results with your plastic surgeon and ask them to show you photos of past patients who have had similar procedures. You can also use computer imaging software to get an idea of what your results will look like, with the caveat that it not may be 100% accurate.


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