what’s a splat job

what’s a splat job

Splat Jobs: What is It and What Are the Benefits

A Splat job (also known as a Bulk Loads job) is a method used to rapidly load data into a Teradata Database. This method is most beneficial when dealing with large amounts of data that need to be loaded quickly and efficiently.

How Does Splat Jobs Work?

Splat Jobs are process-based jobs that utilize a special type of API that allows for rapid loading of large amounts of data. The API is designed to efficiently stream data from the source, usually a text file, into the target Teradata Database. Splat Jobs are fast and have little impact on system performance.

The Benefits of Splat Jobs

The primary benefit of Splat Jobs is their ability to quickly load large amounts of data into a Teradata Database. This is especially beneficial for tasks such as loading data warehouses, creating data backups, or loading data into new applications. Other benefits include:

  • Better Performance: Splat Jobs provide fast loading times that have minimal impact on system performance.
  • Easy to Use: The user-friendly API makes it easy to set up and configure Splat Jobs.
  • Scalable: Splat Jobs can be scaled to meet the needs of any large data set.


Splat Jobs are the ideal solution for rapid loading of large amounts of data into a Teradata Database. With fast performance and a user-friendly API, Splat Jobs provide a reliable and scalable data loading solution that can be implemented for a variety of tasks.


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