what’s the safest job in the military

what’s the safest job in the military

What Is The Safest Job In The Military?

The military is filled with highly-dangerous jobs, however, there are some jobs that are considered to be safer. In this article we will be exploring three of the safest jobs in the military, based on various factors such as the degree of danger, physical requirements and life expectancy.

1. Medical Personnel

Medical personnel are incredibly important in the military, providing medical attention and support to soldiers in the field. Medical personnel are often found in secure, non-combat positions in the military and thus make a safe job. They primarily work in hospitals, medical clinics or in forward surgical areas providing medical support to soldiers.

2. Logistics Personnel

Logistics personnel are responsible for the procurement of supplies, materials, items and any other equipment needed for the military. They have a significant role in the military, however, it is not a highly-dangerous job as it takes place in a relatively secure environment. They can work in a variety of roles such as inventory/stock control and asset management.

3. Administrative Personnel

Administrative personnel are responsible for managing and processing important documents,,such as military records and personnel papers. They are mainly employed in non-combat positions and thus it is considered to be a safe job in the military. Administrative personnel work in both static and deployed roles such as personnel clerks and legal advisors.

In conclusion, there are some jobs in the military that are safer than others due to the fact that they are not as physically demanding and typically do not involve direct combat with the enemy. These jobs are primarily medical personnel, logistics personnel and administrative personnel. All of these jobs serve a vital role in the military and even though they may be considered safer they are still essential.


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