when can i get a boob job

when can i get a boob job

Deeming When to Get a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, otherwise known as a ‘boob job’, is an increasingly popular plastic surgery choice for many women. Before taking the plunge and undergoing surgery, it is important to ensure you are emotionally and physically prepared for the experience.

Risks and Benefits

The risks and potentiel benefits of undertaking a breast augmentation should be carefully considered. There are number of expected risks associated with the surgery such as pain and tenderness, poor wound healing, infection and damage to the nerves.

On the other hand the potential benefits the surgery may include:

  • Improved body contour
  • Increased breast volume and fullness
  • Improved symmetry between the breasts
  • Enhanced self-image and self-confidence

Making the Decision

Breast augmentation is typically performed on physically healthy adults. Therefore, it is important to consult your primary care doctor ahead of making any decisions. It is also crucial you feel fully able to make an informed decision on the surgery and understand both risks and expected outcomes clearly. This can be achieved by speaking to a qualified plastic surgeon about the surgery before booking any appointments.

There is no perfect age for getting a ‘boob job’. However, if you decide to enter into the surgery you should wait until you are at least 18 as the breasts are still developing up until this age.

Take Home Message

As with any surgery, it is important to be well-informed of the risks, expected benefits, and outcome of a breast augmentation. Take the time to speak with your doctor, research your options and make sure the decision is yours.


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