when does job 1 come out on bod

when does job 1 come out on bod

Job 1: Release Date Confirmed For Bod

After a long wait, we now have an answer to the question: When does Job 1 come out on Bod? The highly anticipated series is set to release on the streaming giant on November 15th, 2021.

What is Job 1 About?

Job 1 follows the life of Lucas Stryker, a hapless detective tasked with uncovering a vast conspiracy. He must use his detective skills and ingenuity to outwit a powerful force of criminals.

The series stars Ron Perlman, William Shatner, Bruce Campbell and Maya Rudolph, who lead an all-star cast.

What to Expect from Job 1

Job 1 will feature:

  • Gripping action sequences and thrilling fight scenes
  • A darker, more mature story that’s not suitable for younger viewers
  • Witty dialogue that keeps you engaged
  • A unique and diverse cast of characters
  • A soundtrack that sets the mood for the show

Job 1 looks set to be an incredible series that we can’t wait to watch. So mark your calendars for November 15th – the official release date for this highly anticipated show on Bod!


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