when does meredith get her job back season 8

when does meredith get her job back season 8

Meredith Gray’s Return Season 8

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has been a strong and undying presence in one of the longest-running medical dramas on tv -Grey’s Anatomy. With the season 8 finale, fans were left wondering what was in store for the beloved character of Meredith Grey.

Getting her Job Back

At the end of season 7, Meredith Grey had been fired from her job at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. After facing some professional snafus in the hospital, her relationship with ex-Chief of Surgery Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) was strained. Through it all, the loyal fans watched as Meredith Grey fought to prove her worth and get her job back.

In the end, it was Richard Webber who stepped in to restore Meredith Grey’s place at Seattle Grace Mercy West. After a final call to action by Webber in the season 8 finale, he succeeded in restoring Meredith’s place and deeming it “unconditional”.

The Big Day

After a long wait, the big day came in season 9 when viewers saw Meredith Grey, in her white doctor’s coat, getting back to work. She received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from patients, colleagues and staff, which made fans’ hearts swell with joy and pride.

Since her return, Meredith Grey has been able to pick up the pieces and rebuild her reputation as a dedicated doctor and steadfast colleague. Fans have once again seen her in action, performing surgery and advocating for her patients.

Things to Come

Now in season 17, Meredith Grey continues to make waves in the world of medicine. With her unique combination of strength, understanding, and empathy, Meredith Grey remains a beacon of light for everyone around her.

Although her story has faced its fair share of hardships and losses, the resilient character continues to remain true to herself, earning her position as one of television’s most beloved characters. Fans continue to look forward to what’s next in store for Meredith Grey and her journey at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Season 8 showed fans that nothing can hold Meredith Grey back when it comes to her career, and that was proven true in the season 9 and beyond.


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