when job prayed for his friends

when job prayed for his friends

When Job Prayed for His Friends

The Bible speaks of a righteous man named Job who lived in the land of Uz. He was a good and faithful servant of God who gave generously to those in need and kept a good relationship with his friends. In times of trouble and sorrow, Job would often turn to God in prayer for himself and his friends.

Job’s Dedication to His Friends and God

Job was known for his commitment to God and to his friends. Even when he was going through personal trials, Job found comfort in the knowledge that he could still turn to God in prayer. He continually prayed for his friends, that God would protect them and keep them from harm.

When Job Prayed for His Friends

Job was able to rely on God to take care of his friends in times of need. He prayed that God would:

  • Give them wisdom – that they would understand God’s word and find safety and direction.
  • Stop their enemies – that his friends would be safe from harm and their enemies would be held at bay.
  • Provide blessings – that God would provide them with the resources, strength and guidance they needed to walk in his truth.

Job also prayed fervently that his friends would be able to find charity and compassion when they were in need. He longed for them to know the goodness and faithfulness of God, and his prayers were a testament to his strong faith in the Lord.


Job’s prayers for his friends were a beautiful example of his loyalty and dedication to God. His unceasing faith in God enabled him to provide comfort and support to his friends, even in the most difficult of times. May we all strive to imitate Job’s example and lift up our friends and family in prayer.


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