when was job born

when was job born

When Was Job Born?

Biblical History

Job is one of the characters in the Bible often mentioned in passages about faith and suffering. He is known for his unwavering faith in God even in the face of great suffering.

Though Job is often talked about, his birth and other specifics of his life story are not revealed, making it unclear exactly when Job was born.

Calculating Job’s Age

Though the exact date of Job’s birth is unknown, scholars have put together a timeline of his life by calculating Job’s age throughout several passages in the Bible. Using his age in various periods in his life, scholars have approximated an estimation of years in which Job lived:

  • Job lived to be 140-240 years old.
  • He was an adult by his late teens.
  • He had children in his 20s.
  • He had entered his 80s by the time the Lord blessed him with twice as much possessions.
  • After his suffering and the curses of his friends, he was in his 100s.

A Timeless Story

Through these demonstrations of Job’s age, we’re able to get an idea of a timeline in Job’s life.

Though it may never be certain exactly when Job was born, his story is still one of the most eminent lessons of faith in the Bible and will stay timeless until the end of time.


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