when will i get a new job astrology

when will i get a new job astrology

When Will I Get a New Job Astrology

For many individuals, the job search process can be a tough and tedious one, and it’s only natural to want to understand when good fortune will arrive. Luckily, there is a helpful tool available to those curious as to when they will find a new job: astrology.

This valuable area of study has been used for many generations to help predict and understand life events, and for job seekers, astrology may just be the answer to their prayers. Here are the ways astrology can help those seeking out a new career opportunity:

Employment Aspects

  • Mercury Retrograde: During a Mercury Retrograde, it is not a great idea to enter into a job application or interview process. You will be better off waiting until the Retrograde has passed if you want the job search process to go smoothly.
  • Saturn Return: Whenever Saturn moves onto a new zodiac sign, it marks the time when people are likely to start experiencing change in their lives. For job-seekers, this period of intense activity could mean success in the near future.
  • The Moon: Depending on which phase the moon is in, it can give clues as to when candidates should admit to job applications. If the Moon is in a waxing phase, it is an ideal time for admission, and if the Moon is in a waning phase, it is better to wait.

Gaining Insight From the Stars

Astrology can bring clarity to those who may feel stuck in the job search process. By gaining insight into astrological aspects that are tied to job-seeking, individuals can understand the ideal time to proceed or take a rest.

If the task of predicting when the best time to apply for a job sounds daunting, a professional astrologer may be able to help. An experienced astrologer can explain these concepts in great detail and also reveal even deeper symbolic meanings that could give you an edge while seeking a new job.

In conclusion, astrology can provide job-seekers with important guidance to help make their search for work a more successful one. With the assistance of an astrologer, those who have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to land a new job can begin to take action and make the process a fruitful one.


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